As a marketer, you can't afford to waste time. We help you by delivering competitive market intelligence through custom benchmarking reports and daily email briefings.

Problems We Solve for Marketing Teams


Too Many Tools

How many tools do you use to track everything going in on your market? With our portal, we deliver insights on much more than just your core competitors. We dig deeper to uncover emerging competitors, threats, disruptions and innovations in your market. And all of it is housed in one, convenient place.


Spend Inefficiency

In order to spend efficiently and get the most bang for your buck on campaigns, you need reliable data to inform strategic decisions. Without the right information, you could be spinning your wheels on expensive marketing tactics that go nowhere while your competitors get ahead.


Information Overload

You don't have time to dig through an endless feed of information only to dust off a few useful pieces of data. To save you time, we provide your own assigned analyst who reviews articles and documents, checking for relevance and value, before pushing them out to you in a convenient, curated email briefing.

Our Solutions

Marketing Briefing

Marketing Intelligence Briefings

We send you daily intelligence briefings on new market threats, competitor documents, keywords and campaigns as well as market changes and trends. This information helps you benchmark, optimize programs, identify competitors’ new partners and justify marketing spend. Our customized research portal and daily alerts serve as your very own early warning system for competitive changes in the market.

Marketing Analytics

A Different Approach to Marketing Analytics

Instead of using several different point solutions to monitor competitor activity and marketing performance, we give you a 360° view of your market through custom dashboards and daily intelligence briefings. We provide unrivaled insight into search engine analytics, keyword analytics and website analytics. On a regular basis, your assigned analyst provides marketing reports based on the most critical information mined from your dashboards.

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Save Time

Get More Done in Less Time

Let us take care of all the tedious data collection and sorting, so you can spend more time doing the work that makes your irreplaceable. We deliver insights on your competitors’ sales presentations, marketing collateral, and product specs, all in one place, ensuring that competitive intelligence doesn't get lost on your to-do list.

Your assigned analyst will also proactively reach out to you to make recommendations for proposed updates to your subscription based on the insights they are seeing.

Salesforce Integration

Help Your Sales Team Win More Deals

We work with you to create a continuous information funnel to push relevant market and competitor data to your sales reps, keeping them informed of critical intelligence. Armed with the right information, they'll be able reduce sales cycles and win more business for your organization.

Plus, we can integrate our research portal with CRM tools like Salesforce to give your sales reps convenient access to the insights they need without burdening your team.

"We are very happy with CI Radar's marketing module, which has helped Kareo to trend organic and paid performance against key competitors. Our marketing team has used a variety of competitive intelligence tools, but CI Radar has proven itself to be a consistent and reliable source of information. Would highly recommend."

Brent Nakagawa | Senior Manager, Online Acquisition

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