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Email Briefings Curated For You Daily By An Assigned Analyst

Why Our Email Briefings Are Better

  1. The combination of smart technology with human analysis makes our email briefings accurate and filled with hard-to-find, unpublicized information. Our careful curation process also makes our briefings concise, targeted and easy to scan because we only push out notifications with critical information and no nonsense.
  2. We offer every subscriber the option to fully customize their briefings so they only receive updates on the companies, topics, categories and products or services that matter most to them. They can also set the frequency and time of day for delivery.
  3. In addition to tracking competitors and key intelligence topics, your assigned analyst will also proactively monitor innovation trends, market disruptions and new competitive threats, alerting you to the most relevant and critical insights.

Why Our Document Briefings are Better

  1. With our unique curation process, we are able to source hard-to-find, unpublicized documents from deeper sources than other media monitoring and CI tools. In addition to uncovering pricing documents and RFPs, we discover customer communications, sales presentations, marketing materials and more on a regular basis.
  2. In every document briefing, we provide a short preview of the document, including a thumbnail and brief description, making it easy for subscribers to scan through the email quickly and identify the content that is most relevant and valuable.
  3. Through our document briefings, we not only track key competitor information, but also protect you by identifying documents leaking from your organization. Document leaks need to be shut down immediately to avoid giving competitors on edge.

Email Customization Options



Subscribers can choose the frequency of email briefings (hourly, daily or weekly), and the time of day they would like to receive updates from us.


Companies & Topics

Instead of receiving daily updates on every company and topic you track through CI Radar, subscribers can select what to follow based on what is most important to them.


Category Tags

Email briefings can be personalized even further to provide only updates on specific categories of intelligence, including sales wins, product reviews, negative news, etc. 

Examples Of Email Briefings By Role

Executive Briefings

  • Merger/Acquisition Rumors
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Analyst Presentations
  • Financial Reports
  • Sales Wins
  • Industry Reports
  • Negative News
  • New Relationships

Sales Briefings

  • Sales Wins
  • Customer Reviews
  • Sales Presentations
  • RFPs
  • Pricing
  • Legal Action
  • Management Hires/Departures
  • Contract Awards

Marketing Briefings

  • Pricing
  • Sales Wins
  • Industry Statistics
  • Web Marketing - SEO/PPC
  • Campaigns
  • Sales Promotions
  • Potential New Partners
  • Collateral
  • Rebranding

Product Briefings

  • Product Roadmaps
  • RFPs
  • Patent - Filings
  • Product Reviews
  • New Products
  • User Group Presentations
  • Manual/User Guides
  • Product Presentations

Innovation Briefings

  • New Products
  • Customer Reviews
  • Negative News
  • Product Reviews
  • Patent - Awards
  • License Agreement
  • White Paper
  • Thesis

Strategy Briefings

  • Potential New Competitors
  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • New Products
  • Analyst Reports
  • Contract Awards
  • Pricing
  • Management Hires/Departures
  • Lawsuit Documents

"The number one thing we use is the daily emails and that literally keeps us up to the minute aware of what's going on out there, so that's extremely valuable."

VP Product, Telecommunications Firm

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