A Better Approach To News Monitoring

CI Radar is unlike other news and media monitoring services. Why? Because all of the content we gather with smart technology is carefully reviewed and curated just for you every day by an assigned analyst (not a robot).

What Sets Us Apart

Deeper Sources

Deeper Sources

Most news monitoring services focus on surface-level, highly publicized information, missing key intelligence from unpublicized sources below the surface. We use smart technology and human analysis to deliver unpublicized and hard-to-find information from every corner of the internet, catching what other monitoring services often miss by relying solely on automated bots. All sourced data is reviewed for accuracy, relevancy and value by your assigned analyst before being delivered through email briefings and published to your research portal.

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Analyst Process

Better Curation

Many media monitoring services rely solely on automated bots to curate and deliver news briefings. This type of surface-level scraping leads to a high frequency of worthless information, and inevitably, a lot of time spent on your part sifting through the noise to find the few gold nuggets hidden throughout.

CI Radar is different because we provide you with an assigned analyst who personally reviews and curates all of the information you receive, eliminating irrelevant or duplicate content in order to deliver the competitive market insights that matter most to you and your business unit. 

Research Portal

Ad Hoc Research Portal

All of the content you receive through our email briefings is tagged and archived in a custom research portal, which we update for you every day with new information. Using your research portal, you can drill down and filter content by more than 100 categories.

Sample searches you can perform include:

  • All competitor sales wins over the last 6 months
  • New products introduced in the past 90 days by Company X
  • Artificial Intelligence developments in Industry Y

Briefing Customization

Targeted Briefings With More Customization Options

We save you time by tracking market movements and competitors, alerting you of critical changes through custom curated email briefings. These briefings provide accurate and unpublicized insights on everything from mergers and acquisitions to new hires, and more. All of our email subscriptions can be completely customized to best serve the needs of each subscriber. Instead of receiving updates on every company and topic tracked through your CI Radar account, users have the option to choose which competitors, topics and categories that matter most to them.



Most news and media monitoring tools don't provide you the unpublicized content that you need.  CI Radar provides you both publicized and unpublicized content.


Publicized Content Typically Included in News Feeds

  • Acquisitions
  • Competitor Growth / Expansions
  • Corporate Sponsorship / Donations
  • Events
  • Financial Filings
  • Growth / Expansion
  • Industry Reports / Statistics
  • Infographics
  • Interviews
  • Legal Action
  • Management Hires
  • Management Departures
  • Negative News
  • New Locations
  • New Partners
  • New Products or Services
  • Patent Awards
  • Sales Wins
  • Social Posts
  • Testimonials
  • Videos
  • Webinars / Podcasts

Additional Unpublicized Content We Provide

  • Analyst Reports
  • Competitor Battlecards
  • Customer Presentations
  • Internal Vulnerabilities
  • Lawsuit Court Documents
  • Management Team*
  • Partner Changes*
  • Partner Training
  • Patent Filings
  • Potential New Competitors
  • Potential New Partners
  • Pricing Changes*
  • Pricing Guides
  • Product Changes*
  • Product Presentations
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Roadmaps
  • RFPs
  • Sales Collateral
  • Sales Presentations
  • New Competitor Campaigns
  • New Competitor PPC Ads
  • User Group Presentations
  • User Guides / Manuals
* As updated on competitor websites

"Understanding the full capability of CI Radar's product suite through a web demo was the most important part of the selection process. Other tools did not have the level of intelligence that CI Radar did."

Competitive Lead, Medical Device Firm

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