As an intelligence professional, your time and skills are valuable resources that should be applied to the highest-value tasks. Trying to track every competitor movement or market shift leaves little time for you to do what you do best: strategic analysis. CI Radar gives you back that time.

Problems We Solve for Intelligence Teams


Proving the Value of CI

We combine search technology, which continuously aggregates data from the internet, with a team of human analysts who go through and vet all discoveries to eliminate redundant and irrelevant findings. Armed with the right data, you will always demonstrate the value of your role to executives and internal stakeholders.


Burden of Data Filtering

Considering the amount of time you spend fielding ad hoc requests and sifting through data, we understand it's hard to find enough time for deep analysis on the intelligence you do find. CI Radar reduces the burden of basic research tasks by delivering the curated intelligence you need for deeper analysis.


Finding Time for Strategic Analysis

Between email, meetings and research requests on competitors and market conditions, it can be hard to find time for strategic CI activities that really move the needle for your company. By taking basic research tasks off your plate, CI Radar frees up your time for higher value tasks and deeper analysis.

Our Solutions


Inform Strategic Executive Decisions

Keeping a constant stream of intelligence flowing to key stakeholders is one of the biggest challenges for CI teams. To help you keep everyone on the same page, we monitor your current competitors, emerging threats, market trends and more. We work behind the scenes to deliver key intelligence, making you look good while you help executive leadership make well-informed, strategic business decisions.

Briefing with Categories

Save Time with Curated Briefings

Our intelligence briefings deliver a steady stream of curated and categorized content that your assigned analyst has vetted and found relevant to your needs. The content comes from publicized and hard-to-find unpublicized sources, giving you a distinct advantage and a more accurate view of the market. 

Analyst Process

Ad Hoc Research Support

All of the alerts you receive through our email briefings are tagged and archived in a custom research portal, which we update for you every day with the latest content found. Using your research portal, you can drill down and filter content by more than 100 categories. Additionally, your assigned analyst proactively reaches out on a regular basis to discuss movements in your market and recommend new companies or topics to track. You can also reach out to your assigned analyst anytime for help with ad hoc research reports and project needs.


Switch from Low to High Value Tasks

Shift from Low Value to High Value Tasks

The average intelligence cycle involves a lot of repetitive and mundane tasks that take up a lot of time. By offloading basic analyst tasks to CI Radar, you free up time for more important, strategic activities that better serve your organization. 

"Probably, you're saving me a day a week. And that's a very conservative estimate. I'm able to allocate time to other things instead of sitting here and searching for all this information one by one for each competitor, it's all right there, and I can customize it with one quick sort."

Research Analyst, Hospitality Industry

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