As a member of the product team, you have a lot on your plate. Not only are you responsible for guiding product development, but you also have to monitor competitors and identify new growth areas. CI Radar helps you by being the early warning system you need to predict and respond to changes in the market.

Problems We Solve for Product Teams

Time & Resource Limitations

Time & Resource Limitations

There aren't enough hours in the day to track your competitors' activities and market changes on top of day-to-day product management duties. Our email briefings are curated by your assigned analyst and delivered daily, keeping you from missing anything.

Growth & Innovation 

Inability to Monitor Innovations

With so many new innovations disrupting your market every day, it can be a full-time job trying to keep up. Our email briefings and research portal provide the strategic intelligence you need to monitor competitors and innovations with ease. 

Time & Resource Limitations

Finding Time for
Proactive Product Research

When you're constantly reacting to competitive threats and market changes, there is little time left for proactive research that fuels product innovation and gives your company the leg up on competitors.

Our Solutions

Briefing with Categories

Save Time with Daily Intelligence Briefings

Daily briefings from CI Radar provide quick, easy access to the actionable market intelligence you need. Email briefings are curated every day by your assigned analyst and are customized by each subscriber's alert settings for the companies, topics, product line and categories you care about most.


Deeper Sources

Uncover Deeper Insights

Because we curate both publicized and unpublicized information, we are able to deliver key insights on competitors' product roadmaps and disruptive market innovations, mergers, acquisitions, and more. Other unique information such as your competitors’ user group presentations, website changes and unbiased analyses from third-party resources also give you a noticeable competitive advantage.

Analyst Icon

We Catch What Others Miss

Most media monitoring services and tools deliver poorly filtered content and miss the hard-to-find, unpublicized content that an assigned analyst curates for you daily with CI Radar. Your assigned analyst finds, summarizes and categorizes the intelligence you need and tailors your daily briefings to your exact specifications.

Proactive Product Innovation

Develop a Proactive Strategy for Product Innovation

Proactive product innovation is the best way to stay ahead of the curve in your market. Unfortunately, many product managers are so busy writing specs and managing general day-to-day tasks that the market research and customer feedback needed to effectively innovate are out of reach. With CI Radar providing curated insights, you can devote more time to strategic and proactive activities that lead to the development of products your market wants and needs.

Product Research Portal

Ad Hoc Research Support

All of the information we deliver in daily briefings is tagged and archived in a custom research portal for use whenever you need it. Additionally, your assigned analyst proactively reaches out on a regular basis to discuss competitor and market changes, at which time he or she will also recommend new companies or topics to track based on the latest competitor activities and disruptive market innovations they are seeing.

"CI Radar gives me a bird's eye view of the market and my competitor's products. From R&D to how they're performing in the marketplace. Information is the key to great product development and essential if you want to win in a competitive market like ours. CI Radar really delivers."

Director of Product Strategy, Open-source Tech Firm

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