Spend More Time Acting on Competitive Intelligence
and Less Time Searching for It

Who We Serve


Personalized executive briefings deliver strategic insights on:

  • Growth Opportunities
  • Target Acquisitions
  • Financial Reports
  • Potential Partners
  • Market Innovations

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Product Teams

Product teams save time and money by receiving real-time insights on:

  • Competitor R&D Plans 
  • Product Roadmaps
  • Customer Insights
  • Pricing Models
  • Market Trends

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Intelligence Teams

We help CI teams deliver better intelligence in less time by providing:

  • A custom research portal 
  • Curated intelligence feeds
  • An assigned analyst
  • Personalized email briefings
  • Ad hoc research support

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Marketing Teams

Stay one step ahead of competitors by using our marketing intelligence for:

  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Campaign vulnerabilities
  • Competitor tactics
  • New lead sources
  • Content strategy

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What We Deliver

Email Briefings Infographic

Customized Email Briefings for Every Stakeholder

We combine smart technology with human curation and analysis to make our email briefings not only accurate, but also filled with hard-to-find, unpublicized information. This process makes our briefings concise, targeted and easy to scan because we only push out notifications with critical information - no nonsense. 

We offer every subscriber the option to fully customize their briefings so they only receive updates on the companies, topics, categories and products or services that matter most to them. Not only do we track competitors and topics you care about, but your assigned analyst also proactively uncovers new competitive threats, innovation trends and emerging market disruptions, alerting you to the most relevant and critical insights in each of your briefings.

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Research Portal

Research Portal for Ad Hoc Analysis

All of the information we curate and deliver to you in email briefings is tagged and archived in a custom research portal, which is maintained for you by your assigned analyst. Using this portal, you can easily search and extract content using more than 100 different categories and filters. 

In addition to storing publicized content, our portal also provides quick access to unpublicized information like competitor sales presentations, RFPs, pricing sheets and product plans that really help you get a leg up on the competition. Plus, built-in collaboration and distribution tools make it easy to add commentary and share insights with colleagues and stakeholders.

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Analyst Process

Daily Curation by an Assigned Analyst

Our goal is to help you spend more time acting on intelligence and less time searching for it, which is why we provide every client with an assigned analyst who curates information for you. Other vendors may claim that they provide an "analyst," but in reality they only provide general customer support or a help desk.

Your analyst also proactively reaches out to discuss changes in your competitive environment and recommend new companies or topics to track based on market movements they're seeing. You can also contact them anytime via phone or email if you have questions or need ad hoc research support. 

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How We're Different in 90 seconds

"Chris, our assigned CI Radar analyst, provides a daily summarized briefing of everything we need to read each morning, without wasting our time on junk or irrelevant items. And the briefings contain items we just can't find ourselves."

Managing Director, Computer Manufacturer