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We answer the questions other digital marketing tools miss

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How are my competitors generating leads online?

New Competitors
Which new competitors are encroaching on our market?

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Are we outspending or underspending competitors on PPC?

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Who are potential new partners for our products and services?

What We Deliver

Head To Head Benchmarks

Insights on Competitors' Sales & Lead Gen Efforts


We collect and curate targeted campaign data in a custom marketing portal. Our dashboards track your campaigns and your competition, benchmarking you against known and unknown competitors on organic, paid search and content strategies.

Key competitor insights we deliver include:

  • Relative spending on paid search
  • Top lead sources and keywords
  • Ad messaging used for different products and market segments


SERP Rankings

Paid & Organic Search Exposure

To ensure that your website is getting maximum exposure for target keywords, we monitor your paid and organic positioning. Your assigned analyst also alerts you when major shifts occur with your search rankings or those of your competitors.

Key search insights we deliver include:

  • Significant increases or decreases in your organic and paid search rankings
  • New competitors gaining high exposure for your target keywords
  • Metrics on potential over-spending or under-spending on specific keywords


Research Portal

Recommendations for Keyword Optimization

In addition to monitoring your search exposure, your assigned analyst also provides strategic recommendations for new keywords you should be targeting through organic and paid search efforts.

Insights we deliver for keyword optimization include:

  • Trending search terms with high volume and low competition for paid search
  • Your strengths and weaknesses with keyword targeting compared to competitors
  • Ideas for new keywords to track based on emerging industry topics and competitor activities


Weighted Market Exposure

Trademark Monitoring & Alerts

Unlike other marketing tools, we actively monitor your trademarks, products and brand names to identify any suspicious use by competitive firms. We'll provide full audit trail reports if your legal team wishes to take any action against offending parties. 

Your assigned analyst alerts you any time they discover:

  • Paid search campaigns using your important marks
  • Websites gaining exposure for your branded keywords
  • Partners who may be violating your brand usage guidelines
Digital Marketing Briefings

Digital Marketing Briefings

Our research portal provides great insights, but we also know that you don't have time to constantly check back for critical updates. That's why your assigned analyst monitors your dashboards for you and alerts you when major shifts take place. They identify the key trends and changes from your dashboards and send you email briefings, as well as conducting regular check ins to review your market space and make recommendations on tracking competitors and industry topics. 

Click here to view a sample digital marketing briefing.

"We are very happy with CI Radar's marketing module, which has helped Kareo to trend organic and paid performance against key competitors. Our marketing team has used a variety of competitive intelligence tools, but CI Radar has proven itself to be a consistent and reliable source of information. Would highly recommend."

Brent Nakagawa | Sr. Manager, Online Acquisition


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