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Get answers to your critical competitor questions right inside your Salesforce or CRM platform. View battle cards, briefings and analyst reports that help you respond faster and win more deals.

Benefits of CI Radar Integration

Integrated Competitor Profiles

Competitor profiles are automatically updated in Salesforce with key insights on pricing, product roadmaps, reviews, presentations, RFPs and more. Documents are automatically tagged, ranked and categorized for easy review. With all of this information available to the sales team, marketing and product teams save time and frustration filling ad hoc research requests.

We also give you the ability to customize the companies, categories or documents that you want to feed into each competitor profile. That way, your sales team gets the relevant information they need. 

On-Demand Industry Topic Briefings

Within Salesforce, you can make briefings on key intelligence topics available whenever a salesperson needs them, replacing email briefings which can get lost in the inbox clutter. You can also set these briefings so they require no additional work on your part. They can display selected industry news, alerts and announcements directly in your CRM.

Enhanced Collection of Intelligence from the Field

Collecting timely intelligence from field teams can be a hassle. We make this process much faster and easier with our Salesforce Chatter Integration. Field personnel simply post notes on competitors or industry topics. Their notes are automatically tagged to the appropriate competitor profile. which provides a central place to access these competitor discussions, respond to questions and add to relevant content.

Full Customization

To meet your internal workflows and processes, our framework allows for full customization within your CRM.

Client modifications may include adding custom fields, changing the page layout and implementing validation rules.  Also, security rules may be setup to allow the sales team or designated individuals to enter observations and notes regarding a competitor. In addition links referencing files or the actual files themselves may be added such as win/loss results, SWOT analysis, battle cards or other information valuable to the sales team.

Unlimited User Licenses

Other Salesforce Integrations and applications follow a per-user licensing policy, but we do not. You have the ability to roll out our service to hundreds or thousands of users worldwide without excessive fees and within a few days or weeks time thanks to our quick implementation process.

"This has changed the way our sales team operates as we know what to expect for our competition, and we can andicipate it, not just react to it."

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