The Value Of Our Analyst Team

CI Radar stands apart from the crowd because every customer gets their own personal analyst who does the curation work for them. Other vendors may claim that they provide an "analyst," but many times what you get is a help desk resource or general customer support, which still requires you to perform most of the work on your own. If you don’t already have an internal competitive intelligence team – we can provide many of the same services but without the costs, time and people required.

Key Benefits Delivered By Your CI Radar Analyst

Daily News and Source Analysis

Every day your analyst reviews all of the content sourced by our smart technology and removes duplicate or irrelevant items to ensure daily briefings are targeted and accurate. 

Daily Document Review

On a daily basis, your analyst reviews all competitor and industry documents and removes irrelevant or duplicate content, then rates and tags relevant findings for inclusion in email briefings.

Discover Unpublished Intelligence

Every day your analyst reviews competitor and industry websites to identify key changes and alerts you of important findings not found in normal news feeds. 

Easy to Digest Categorized Content

Your analyst ensures that all content in email briefings is categorized with one of 60+ alert categories to make your briefing easy to digest and ensure you get the types of alerts important to you.

Proactive Innovation Tracking

Keeping up with innovations and disruptions in your market is hard work. Fortunately, your analyst tracks key trends and topics for you and sends out targeted insights in daily and weekly email briefings so you never miss a beat.

Real-Time Competitive Alerts

Whenever a new competitor enters your space, your analyst will reach out to alert you to their presence. Not only that, but your analyst will also alert you of key competitor acquisitions, expansions, product developments and more. 

Constant Improvement and Optimization

As your analyst becomes more familiar with your business unit and competitor profiles, they proactively look for ways to improve search targeting and will also reach out personally to alert you of critical threats and new competitors in your market. 

Hands-Off Subscription Management

Your analyst performs all maintenance and updates to your subscription for you so you don't have to worry about anything except receiving quality intelligence.

One-on-One Relationship

Your analyst’s goal is to make your job easier and to ensure that everyone in your organization receives the most accurate and actionable information. You can call or email your analyst any time to ask questions, request account updates and ask for ad hoc research support. 

Ad Hoc Research Support*

Whenever you need help uncovering deeper insights for an ad hoc research project, your analyst is available to provide additional support and save you time gathering information.

* Additional fees may be required based on your subscription level.

Quality Checks Ensure Accurate Briefings

Your assigned analyst carefully reviews everything that comes through our search technology before it goes out in curated briefings, which means that you get the most accurate, targeted briefings possible. 

Puzzle Masters

Whether it's uncovering gold nuggets for clients or working together to solve one of the thousand-piece puzzles we keep in our office, our analysts never shy away from a challenge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is my assigned analyst located?

All CI Radar analysts are located in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

2. How do I get in touch with my analyst?

You can reach your analyst any time by email or phone.

3. Does my analyst maintain and update my account for me?

Absolutely. Just send them an email with any changes you would like made. They do all the research to ensure that all products, topics, keywords and tags are updated correctly for you.

We also encourage monthly or quarterly status calls to ensure that everything is working well and discuss changes recommended by your analyst.

4. Is daily curation by my analyst included in the standard subscription costs?

Yes.  There are no hidden fees beyond your subscription cost.

5. Can I request additional time from my analyst to work on ad hoc projects outside of the scope of my subscription?

Yes. We are glad to give you a quote on any ad hoc projects you would like help with.

6. Does my analyst just read news stories?

No, of course not. Every day your analyst digs to find unpublicized information not found in news stories.  These include competitor website changes, competitor and industry documents, pricing, ad campaigns, product reviews, and many other valuable intelligence items.

7. How are quality checks performed on email briefings?

Every day your assigned analyst removes duplicate, outdated and noisy items so that email briefings are focused and on point. They also ensure that briefings include only the desired product lines, regions or industries that the client deems important.

8. Why would I choose CI Radar instead of just hiring my own in-house analyst?

Two reasons.  One, a subscription to our service will cost far less than hiring your own staff. Two, our smart technology platform can scan more items every day and dig deeper to deliver higher quality intelligence than someone doing the same work manually.



"We have a really good [CI Radar analyst] who works with us. She stays on top of our business and checks in with us and proposes ways to better utilize the tools."

Strategy Director, Compliance Software Firm