Frequently Asked Questions

CI Radar Subscriptions/Terms

If I sign up for a subscription, what do I actually get?

CI Radar will deliver valuable intelligence on your competitors and market to you via email alerts and a secure customized website which is in fact your intelligence dashboard.  Everything is hosted within our data centers and accessed via the Internet.  There is no software to install and no work is required from you. 

How much does your service cost?

CI Radar is delivered as a fixed price subscription that scales to accommodate the needs of small growing firms up to billion dollar corporations.  Our fees are based on the size and complexity of your market and which options you select as part of your subscription. Many firms are able to get started for just over a thousand dollars per month.

Is daily curation by my analyst included in the standard subscription costs?

There are no hidden fees beyond your subscription cost.

How long is your minimum contract length?

Our minimum contract length is quarterly (3 months). 

Is there an evaluation version or trial available?

Yes, for qualified companies we can deliver intelligence samples and/or launch a 90 day pilot implementation which will allow you to fully evaluate the power of our service. 


How much work is required from me to get started and how fast can I be live on the service?

Typically, we can implement a new client subscription in 2 to 3 weeks. The process is very easy on clients and requires only a few hours of your time. 

The first step is to fill out a short data collection form that describes your known competitors, products, market and key topics you are interested in. Then you’ll have a call with your assigned analyst, so they can understand what types of intelligence are most important to you and clarify your data inputs. Next, your analyst builds your dashboard and sets up email briefings.

When complete, we’ll hold an online training session for you and your colleagues. Once all of your users are live, sit back and enjoy our email briefings and access your dashboard for ad hoc research and reporting. We encourage ongoing feedback from our clients as their market changes so that we can make the appropriate adjustments to get the most out of your subscription.

Once a subscription is live, can we change the companies, products, or topics that are being tracked?

Absolutely. Just send your assigned analyst an email with any changes you would like made.  They do all the research to ensure that new products, topics, keywords and tags are updated correctly for you. We never charge for swapping out changes to your account.

Market Coverage

What industries do you cover?

We can provide coverage on just about any industry as we custom build our dashboards and tracking based on the unique needs of each client.

Do you have worldwide coverage?

Yes, we provide worldwide coverage.  However, we currently do not provide translation services for non-English languages.

Analyst Duties

Does my analyst just read news stories?

No, of course not. Every day your analyst digs to find unpublicized information not found in news stories.  These include competitor website changes, competitor and industry documents, pricing, ad campaigns, product reviews, and many other valuable intelligence items.

Can I request additional time from my analyst to work on ad hoc projects outside of the scope of my subscription?

Yes. We are glad to give you a quote on any ad hoc projects you would like help with.

Does my analyst maintain and update my account for me?

Absolutely. Just send them an email with any changes you would like made. They do all the research to ensure that all products, topics, keywords and tags are updated correctly for you.

We also encourage monthly or quarterly status calls to ensure that everything is working well and discuss changes recommended by your analyst.

How are quality checks performed on email briefings?

Every day your assigned analyst removes duplicate, outdated and noisy items so that email briefings are focused and on point. They also ensure that briefings include only the desired product lines, regions or industries that the client deems important.

Why would I choose CI Radar instead of just hiring my own in-house analyst?

Two reasons.  One, is that a subscription to our service will cost far less than hiring your own staff. Two, our smart technology platform can scan more items every day and dig deeper to deliver higher quality intelligence than someone doing the same work manually.