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Sales Battlecards: Alert & Document Feeds


Sales battlecards are one of the most important and versatile resources available to your sales team. They present competitor data in a customizable, interactive format, and enable salespeople to quickly scan background information, assess it, and respond to potential clients as soon as a competitor enters the conversation.

One of the most important requirements for an effective sales battlecard is that it must contain the most recent information available for the competing company. At a minimum, that means updating your battlecards on a regular basis to reflect major competitor announcements, product releases, etc. Unfortunately, your competitors’ plans don’t always follow a convenient quarterly or even monthly schedule, meaning even well-maintained battlecards won’t always show the latest available info.

To help fill that gap, CI Radar’s Sales Battlecard Solution has embedded live alerts and document feeds that integrate data found through our competitive intelligence service. The alert feed will inform your sales team to recent product releases, new partners, sales wins, and other major announcements in a convenient list format, with the option to view each alert in full by opening it into a separate window. 





The document feed provides additional depth by pulling competitor documents from around the web such as sales presentations, product datasheets, price lists, case studies, and more --  all embedded in the battlecard solution, so there’s no need to switch screens or search a separate system. The information documents offer can enhance your battlecards’ effectiveness and give your sales team a strategic edge.

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