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A New Approach to Streamline the Sales Battlecard Process

Why do you need battlecards?

Battlecards provide an easy-to-read, visual template for storing your most valuable competitive sales intelligence. They’re undoubtedly one of the most effective tools you can give your sales team-- battlecards allow them to quickly search for the information they need in order to overcome buyer objections, deposition competitors and go for the win with well-planned responses.


The Painful Process

Key Battlecard Sections

As vital as they can be to sales success, battlecards are challenging to create and maintain. To do so, your company will need to build a flexible template capable of supporting text, images, and videos, at a minimum. With the framework complete, you’ll need to invest dozens, if not hundreds of hours compiling research on each competitor and integrating the insights you gain into the battlecard system. And the cards must be manually updated on an ongoing basis, since out of date information can be detrimental to your sales team. It leaves them vulnerable to unexpected objections and potentially damages their credibility in the eyes of the customer.


How does CI Radar Streamline your Battlecard Process?

If that all sounds like a serious drain on your employees’ valuable time, CI Radar’s Battlecard Solution can streamline the process for you. Our offering gives you tools like:

  • Dedicated analyst services: To reduce the burden on your team, an assigned CI Radar analyst will perform the required research and collaborate with you to compile information into the right formats. This saves you time and ensures that a trained researcher is performing the vital research that will form the foundation of your battlecards.
  • Dynamic display abilities: Using a modular layout, the CI Radar Battlecard Solution allows you to arrange tidbits of actionable competitive intelligence into easy-to-read boxes and columns. Custom titles, color coding, and a flexible layout that encourages vertical and horizontal scrolling allows your sales team to quickly scan, manipulate, and utilize the information they need to close the sale.
  • Live data feeds: CI Radar’s smart technology combined with our dedicated analyst team digs up the most relevant and actionable intelligence each day.  Intelligence alerts are automatically displayed within each battlecard using a live feed section. This frees you from having to collect, curate, copy/paste and manually integrating this content for the benefit of sales.
  • Accessibility: Sales don’t always close at the office or during business hours, meaning your sales team needs access to battlecard information whether they’re on the road or working from home. With a traditional pdf, that can lead to last minute emails and out-of-date information being used. On the other hand, the CI Radar Battlecard Solution can be opened and edited from any laptop or tablet, so your sales team can find the information they need quickly.
  • Analytics: Knowing when and how your battlecards are being utilized can provide insight into your sales teams’ habits, as well as where your battlecards might be lacking. The CI Radar Battlecard Solution tracks user activity, giving you insight into how your top performers are using the system. It also tracks user searches, allowing you to perform a gap analysis for commonly searched terms that aren’t currently present in your battlecards.

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If you’re interested in learning more about CI Radar’s Battlecard Solution, contact us today.