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Top 5 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube-- no matter what platforms you use, it can be tough to know if you're getting the maximum ROI when it comes to social media. Tracking your own posts and views is a tedious task, and keeping track of what your competitors are saying can be an unmanageable burden for smaller marketing teams.

Never fear, though, these five (free!) tools are here to help...



1. Buffer Analyze is a social media analytics tool that helps companies develop a strong social media strategy by providing live, ongoing feedback. Buffer analyze can be used to track a post’s visibility, likes, shares, and other handy performance metrics.



Social Report

2. Social Report offers a summary of your social media output, as well as your competitors, across different social media platforms. It allows you to track your own metrics, produce reports at the click of a button, and pre-schedule posts, all in one convenient platform.



Facebook Audience Insights

3. Facebook Audience Insights, as the name suggests, is a Facebook-specific analytics tool available free of charge to administrators of business pages with more than 30 “fans.” It can help businesses determine when and what to post for maximum views and engagement, by providing in-depth audience information detailing who is accessing your content, where, and through what device.




4. Rival IQ’s free analytics service allows you to track your competitors’ social media output and advertising efforts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. The platform allows users to compare historical ad data, generate custom reports, and track trending or viral posts as they happen.




5. Klear is an influencer-management tool, designed to help companies identify and attract social media influencers across various platforms. Klear allows you to pinpoint niche influencers for maximum impact, and then engage with them using a custom relationship management system.