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How to Implement a New Competitive Intelligence Process

Competitive intelligence (CI) is all about getting the right information into the right hands at the right moment. Increasingly, companies invested in getting CI right rely on external, automated technologies that gather information from across the web and, to some extent, organize that info into useable categories.

Unfortunately, even the most advanced, AI-based solutions fall short when it comes to sorting through the type of complex, highly varied data that competitive intelligence gathering involves. And even properly setting up CI collection software can be a challenge, as users don’t always know in advance what phrases or keywords to focus on for best results. Valuable information gets missed or drowned out by irrelevant news stories, lowering the value of the CI process as a whole.

Understanding the gap between what CI users need and what technology can currently deliver is crucial to delivering an effective CI solution. In almost every situation, a combination of smart tech and human curation surpasses what an automated dashboard or AI software platform alone can provide. The trick is combining these elements from day one, so that new CI users aren’t left to struggle with automated systems while the process is being implemented.

Early user support and clearly established feedback channels are critical to getting users invested in the CI process. At CI Radar, this is accomplished through our Analyst as a Service offering (click here for more info about AaaS). Each new client is assigned to and put in direct contact with an analyst who is responsible for building their competitive intelligence dashboard from the ground up. Through a collaborative process, the analyst learns what competitors and topics the client is interested in tracking and starts integrating that information into the nascent dashboard. This process gives the client a chance to influence the future content of their dashboard, and it gives our analysts a chance to learn about the client’s industry space and ask questions that will inform their curation process.

Once the client’s dashboard goes live, assigned analysts reach out to new clients for regular check-ins, intended to gauge satisfaction and address any deficiencies in service quality. That means that clients have a chance to see the system at work and make ongoing adjustments based on the results it provides. In fact, at any time, clients can use the built-in feedback function to submit general suggestions or comment on specific pieces of CI.

CI Radar’s hands-on approach allows us to tailor our research and set-up processes, in order to provide you with valuable, insightful data from day one, not a barrage of semi-relevant stories. The client/analyst relationship is the critical to getting the kind of precise, targeted information your business needs to make key decisions. Over time, that relationship grows stronger as your analyst’s understanding of your business expands and deepens. They act as your advocate on the inside—someone who understands the technical side of the system, as well as your business’s particular needs.

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