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Top Conferences for Innovators in 2019

These days, it seems like everyone is trying to keep up with the latest trends in technology. But do you spot trends for a living? Or create them? If so, you'll find lots of like-minds and great ideas at these conferences, which are dedicated to creative thinkers and innovators like you.

Retail Innovation Conference
When: May 6-8, 2019
Where: New York, NY

Retail Innovation is a three-day conference where attendees can network and learn from over 500 retail executives and thought leaders. With session topics ranging from AI to experiential retail, this is a can’t-miss event for creators in the retail industry. Speakers from Walmart, Wayfair, Brooks Brothers and more will be on hand to offer their insights on the state of retail today, as well as where the industry is headed.

Front End Innovation
When: May 14-16, 2019
Where: Boston, MA

The Front End Innovation Conference (FEI Conference) provides a chance for innovators to learn and collaborate with project managers, product developers, startup executives, and R&D gurus who share your passion for the cutting edge. Sessions focus on how professional innovators can adapt to and get ahead of disruptive ideas in their respective industries.

IEEE Vision Innovation Challenges Summit
When: May 17, 2019
Where: San Diego, CA

The IEEE Vision Innovation Challenges Summit invites leading innovators, visionaries, and disruptors to gather for a one-day event dedicated to predicting the future of technology, as well as honoring its past. The conference also offers a unique mentorship program that pairs students and young professionals with more established professionals in their specific field. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet up at the event and attend relevant sessions together.

Social Innovation Summit
When: June 4-5, 2019
Where: Los Angeles, CA

The Social Innovation Summit puts the focus on how new and upcoming innovations can transform society. With a focus on the intersection of technology, philanthropy, and social justice, this isn’t your average product-focused event. It’s a chance for innovators and free thinkers from around the world to learn from one another and, maybe, spot the next big idea in social transformation.

Impact 2019
When: October 22-24, 2019
Where: San Francisco, CA

Impact 2019 stands out as one of the only no-sale conferences dedicated to business innovation. That’s right—no vendors, no sales pitches, just two solid days of networking opportunities, training sessions, and speaking sessions with representatives from Airbnb, Intel, and Citi Ventures.

Fast Company Innovation Festival
When: October 2019 (exact dates TBA)
Where: New York City, NY

The Fast Company Innovation Festival brings together business and creative leaders from around the world to discuss the latest and most promising ideas in technology, design, and social transformation. Over 10,000 guests attended in 2018, it’s a great place to network, with industry-specific breakout sessions and relaxed discussion groups available for every type of professional.

Future Festival Tour 2019
March 20: Atlanta, GA
May 13: Seattle, WA
May 21: New York, NY
May 23: Minneapolis, MN
July 15: Los Angeles, CA
July 17: Philadelphia, PA
July 18: Chicago, IL

The Future Festival Tour is a three-day conference dedicated to helping attendees experience cutting edge technology, identify industry megatrends, and brainstorm disruptive ideas. With sessions dedicated to various industries, including retail, wellness, and entertainment, the Future Festival Tour is making its way across the US throughout the summer. Be on the lookout for a session near you.