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Complete List of Free Market Research Tools & Resources

Looking for a comprehensive list of free market research tools and resources? You’ve come to the right place! To help you improve your market research process, we've provided a handy list featuring some of the free public sites that our smart technology uses to curate gold nuggets of intelligence on your market and competitors.

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American FactFinder

List of Free Market Research Tools and Resources

This free resource gives you access to census data from around the United States. For SMBs looking to gain better insight on key regional demographics, this is a great resource to use. 

Cori Contract Library

Cori Library

CORI is a digital library of contract information that contains over 690,000 contract items. Their results contain both executed contracts and contract forms for specific industries. Registration is required, but the service is free.

Free Patents Online (FPO)

Free Patents Online

Patent database with advanced search capabilities for news, blog articles, data visualizations, patent maps and more. FPO also allows downloading of patents applications and diagrams via PDF format.

Google Trends

Google Trend Insights

Compare search volume patterns for various keywords and filter results by date, categories, and regions to view trending data. Google Trends also displays key headlines as points of reference on the trending graph.

Nielsen - MyBestSegments

Free Market Research Tools

MyBestSegments provides insights on an area's demographic data and lifestyle habits. There are paid subscription options, but this free resource helps to inform which areas would be most receptive to a new campaign or product launch, potential competitors in certain areas and market trends. 

Pew Research Center

Market Research Tools

The Pew Research Center has several free resources with advanced search filters that market researchers can use to better understand target markets. They provide invaluable consumer insights on everything from political sentiments and economics, to social media trends and more. 


Market Research Tools

A question and answer website where market researchers can go to gather real-time data on general consumer needs, market trends, target audience insights and competitors. 

SEC Public Filings

SEC Filings

Provides company filings dating back to 1994 and full-text search capabilities are available for the last four years of public company filings. Some documents are formatted with "interactive data" and company listings can be monitored via RSS feed.

Seeking Alpha

Market Research Tools

Content curated by a large network of stock analysts, traders, economists, academics, financial advisors and industry experts. Insights provided by Seeking Alpha include:
  • Market News
  • Stock Ideas
  • Investment News
  • Marketing Forecasts
  • Financial Reports



A statistics website that offers free and paid access to more than 60k topics from 21 market segments. Statista provides insights on business, media, financials, consumer behavior and more. 

Think with Google

Think with Google

In addition to monitoring search trends, Google also provides a free marketing resource with consumer insight reports, marketing trend data, emerging technology, advertising campaigns and more. 

Thomas Net

Thomas Net

Database of industrial manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. View product catalogs, related white papers, and recent web results for product/service categories. ThomasNet also provides free RFP and Contract Manager tools.



Trend reports on emerging consumer trends occurring around the globe. Releases monthly briefings based on data collected by a global network of hundreds of individual spotters for accurate trend forecasting. Paid subscriptions available.

US Copyright Catalog

Copyright Catalog

Search copyright documents pertaining to books, music, art, periodicals, and any other works published since 1978. Tools are available to determine the copyright status of existing works and obtain copies of copyright documents. Copyright data regarding works published prior to 1978 are also available through this office, but not online.

Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine

WayBack Machine allows you to view the changes made to a website over time. Its archive contains 150 billion webpages that date back to 1996. Helps identify trends and patterns evidenced by the evolution of your competitor's websites.