"Competitive Intelligence" Radar also known as CI Radar

The Wall Street Journal identified CI Radar as an “innovative technology” and quoted a customer as saying,
“I worry every day that our competitors will find out about it [CI Radar].”
The Wall Street Journal.

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Competitive Intelligence Company - Our Story

Founded in 2004, CI Radar is the first competitive intelligence company to offer a comprehensive web-based, 24 x 7 economical competitive intelligence solution for business. For over 20 years, the founder of CI Radar, Mark Van Laeke, held executive management positions atop several high profile technology and consulting firms. Over that time, he became continually frustrated with the lack of good, timely competitive information available to him on his market segments. Out of that frustration grew the idea to build CI Radar. Using cutting-edge technology tools and a streamlined, professional analytic process, CI Radar delivers key intelligence about competitors, prospects, partners, customers, employees, industry developments and internal threats and vulnerabilities.


Our Effect

Our customers report that their businesses are more efficient and compete more effectively with CI Radar’s Competitor and Market Intelligence Service. The effectiveness and efficiency gains cross five important business areas:
  • Cost Savings
    CI Radar customers report annual cost savings of $30,000 - $ 80,000 for data collection, research and analysis whether they have full time in house research or not.
  • Increased Revenue from Sales Leads & Partnership Opportunities
    CI Radar identifies new sales prospects, pending deals of competitors and prospect companies in purchase mode.
  • Improved Executive Team Performance
    CI Radar reduces time spent by Executives seeking industry and competitive intelligence. CI Radar provides instant access to a clear, up to the minute picture of their market so they can make well informed decisions.
  • Maximized Marketing ROI
    Customers tell us that the information CI Radar provides allows them to better understand their competitors strategies and tactics so they can optimize their marketing spend.
  • Reduced Business Risk
    CI Radar's daily insights and strategic trending data can help you make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes. What's more, we will analyze your company's vulnerabilities using the same advanced techniques used on your competitors, giving you a view of your business from the outside in.