Intelligence for Sales

 Sales Intelligence Screenshot
The sales leads coming from
CI Radar are the most valuable ones we receive from all of our sources.  We are averaging a 30% appointment rate from CI Radar leads while our other lead sources average 15% or less.
VP of Marketing, Telecom Software Firm


As a Sales Executive it’s your job to drive revenue. You balance the demands of attracting and retaining sales talent with the challenge of ever increasing revenue goals. CI Radar acts as your insider informant. We will alert you when your competitors’ top sales performers are looking to change jobs. You’ll be made aware of prospects looking for your products and new deals that your competitors are currently working on. In addition, we’ll also supply you the ammunition you need to win those deals.

CI Radar can help you gain more opportunities, win more deals and recruit the industry’s top sales performers. Here are some examples of what we find and the basic advantages of our service:

  • Sales Leads
  • Competitor Quotas, Territories & Customer Lists
  • Sales Metrics
  • Competitive Sales Recruiting
  • Competitor Weaknesses
  • And much more...
  • Stop missing out on deals you deserve to be in
  • Have the ammunition you need to win the big deals
  • Exceed sales goals
  • Help sales reps to optimize their time
  • Put together the best sales team in the industry
  • Many more...

CI Radar provides intelligence for each part of your organization. See examples of Product Management Intelligence.