Intelligence for Product Management

 Product Management Intelligence Screenshot
CI Radar gives me a bird’s eye view of the market and my competitor’s products. From R&D to how they’re performing in the marketplace and their shortcomings. Information is the key to great product development and essential if you want to win in a competitive market like ours. CI Radar really delivers.
Dir. of Product Strategy, Open-source Technology Firm


As a Product Management Executive, you want your products to have the greatest advantage in the marketplace. You need to know that your solutions are not just the best built, but the most marketable ones. CI Radar can help inform your budget and R&D planning decisions by providing you with intelligence on your competitors’ products including deficiencies, new product features and specifications, launch dates, development changes, and partnerships. With daily intelligence on your competitors’ products and plans, CI Radar will keep you in the know.

CI Radar can help you keep tabs on your competitor’s products, including those currently in the marketplace and new ones being developed. Here are some examples of what we find and the basic advantages of our service:

  • Competitor Product Roadmaps
  • Competitor Presentations
  • Partnerships and Alliances
  • Competitor Pricing
  • New Customer Requirements / Trends
  • Product Weaknesses
  • Patents & Lawsuits
  • Improved tracking of competitor product developments
  • Identify new customer needs and trends
  • Learn from competitor product deficiencies
  • Gain a better understanding of the market
  • Improve the quality & marketability of your products
  • Recruit the industry's top talent
  • Many more.

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