Intelligence for Marketing

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Web leads are very important to us and CI Radar helps us measure ourselves against our peers and competitors. It highlights areas of our marketing strategy that we need to focus on.
VP of Sales, Web Technology Firm


As a Marketing Executive, you're relied upon to plan for and carry-out both current and future company objectives, often times simultaneously. You're asked to see the market as it is and also as it will be. CI Radar is your source for detailed insights on competitor strategies and tactics. Our service will focus on your competitors' initiatives to reveal which ones are succeeding and which ones are failing. From web optimization and pay-per-click campaigns to tradeshow, budgetary and statistical data, CI Radar will give you the intelligence you need to maximize ROI and increase your company's overall market exposure.

CI Radar can help you reduce cost, increase exposure and gain a clearer understanding of the competitive landscape. Here are some examples of what we find and the basic advantages of our service:

  • Competitor Strategy & Tactics
  • Web Marketing Optimization
  • New Competitor Profiles
  • Industry Tradeshows & Conferences
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Internal & External Vulnerabilities
  • And much more...
  • Less time spent researching
  • Better information - depth and scope
  • More easily respond to CEO requests
  • Spend smarter and with greater effect
  • Drive up company revenue
  • Many more...

CI Radar provides intelligence for each part of your organization. See examples of Sales Intelligence.