Intelligence for Executives

I was really surprised when they
[CI Radar] dug up intelligence that one of our major competitors was planning on selling their company. We would have never uncovered that from our own sources as early as they did.
President, Manufacturing Software Firm

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As an Executive, it’s critical that the information you receive is not only accurate, but timely and easily accessible. CI Radar is your resource when you need specific insights to help tip the scales one way or the other or when an in-depth profile is required for deeper understanding; when a daily alert could indicate a sea change in your industry or historical trends can help to inform a future course of action for your business. In all of these situations and more, CI Radar has you covered.

CI Radar can help you increase revenue, reduce business risk and improve overall planning. Here are some examples of what we find and the basic advantages of our service:

  • Funding & Financials
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Industry & Market Information
  • New Competitive Entrants
  • Corporate Strategies
  • Acquisition Targets
  • Exit Strategies
  • And much more…
  • Less time spent reading
  • Less frustration due to unknown variables
  • Greater understanding of your competitors & marketplace
  • Improved decision-making
  • Higher quality forecasting & planning
  • Many more…

CI Radar provides intelligence for each part of your organization. See examples of Marketing Intelligence.