Client Success Stories

* PLEASE NOTE:   All company and contact names have been removed in order to maintain the confidentiality of our clients.

CI Radar serves small and large corporations from a variety of industries. Here are some of the comments our clients have made about our service.  Select from a benefit below to review quotes by category:



The CI Radar sales leads have been really great for us and are having an impact on our business. The insights give us a good pulse on the market, especially in emerging segments where we don’t have as much direct sales coverage or where we don’t have a Top 2 position yet."

“We are getting into deals that we wouldn’t be in without CI Radar.”
"The information depth is great - I’m finding information and analysis I wasn’t getting previously - competitive resumes, keyword strategies, and trademark infringement issues. I’m saving between $30,000 and $50,000."

"CI Radar does the work of a full-time employee and saves us $80 - $100K per year...Great idea, great product!"
"I like that there is one place where I can track 6 competitors in a short amount of time. There is a nice blend of important data delivered quickly."
"We were planning on flying our sales team to Europe to do an on-site sales presentation to a key sales prospect. Fortunately, CI Radar uncovered intelligence that stated this sales prospect had already signed with one of our competitors. Without that information we would have wasted hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars making the trip to Europe."
"I figure we've saved several thousand dollars off ramp up time by hiring our new implementation consultant away from [competitor name]. Without CI Radar we would have not known this individual was looking for a new position."
"[CI RADAR] influences my daily business activity, every day. We use the tool to stay ahead of what is happening so we don't get blindsided."
"With CI Radar we’re better informed, we have a better understanding of the competitive environment and we can deal with our strategic planning more holistically."
"Before using CI Radar we though we had a great handle on how we were doing in the search engine marketing arena. Boy, were we wrong. Now with CI Radar, we know where to focus our optimization, bidding and other web marketing strategies. "
"It has exposed a lot of prospect and partnering opportunities that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise, often totally out of the blue."
"CI Radar allows us to pinpoint the precise sales leads we are looking for, both companies entering the buying cycle and those already in the buying cycle for our services."

"CI Radar sends me alerts on sales wins and prospect meetings that my competitors are receiving. By reviewing these and comparing them to our CRM system, I am able to see if we were in the deal and if not, look for patterns and tactics that will help us get into the deal next time."
"I was really surprised when CI Radar dug up intelligence that one of our major competitors was planning on selling their company. We would have never uncovered that information on our own as quickly."
"By reviewing and analyzing resume content from our competitor's sales and executive staff we are uncovering many significant facts that help us compete better. For example, we have discovered new target industries, sales methodologies, quota and commission numbers, revenue targets, customer lists, sales cycles and may other important facts. CI Radar brings this content to us 24/7 and it would be costly for us to do it on our own."

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