Market Research Tools


      Listed below are free market research tools to help you save time and produce impressive reports and briefings. 

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Spoke provides detailed contact information for more than 60 million employees at over 2.3 million companies. Its data is aggregated from public records, internet data, and uploaded by Spoke members. The directory also contains company overview profiles. Spoke's free service is limited to 25 searches per day, but there are several paid membership options for heavier users.




DomainTools is a comprehensive domain name intelligence search tool. With records going back over a decade, use this tool to research domain names and find new opportunities to improve your website and protect your brand.



CORI Contracts Library

CORI is a digital library of contract information that contains over 690,000 contract items. Their results contain both executed contracts and contract forms for specific industries. Registration is required, but the service is free.


CORI Contracts Library

ZoomInfo - Free Edition

Provides company background, history, news, job openings and executive data.



SEC Public Filings

Provides company filings dating back to 1994 and full-text search capabilities are available for the last four years of public company filings. Some documents are formatted with "interactive data" and company listings can be monitored via RSS feed.


sec public filings

Google Insights for Search

Compare search volume patterns for various keywords and filter results by date, categories, and regions to view trending data. Google Insights also displays key headlines as points of reference on the trending graph.


google insights

US Copyright Catalog

Search copyright documents pertaining to books, music, art, periodicals, and any other works published since 1978. Tools are available to determine the copyright status of existing works and obtain copies of copyright documents. Copyright data regarding works published prior to 1978 are also available through this office, but not online.


us copyright catalog 


Database of industrial manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. View product catalogs, related white papers, and recent web results for product/service categories. ThomasNet also provides free RFP and Contract Manager tools.




Displays a visual relationship map between a target website or keyword phrase and other related websites using data from Google's index.



Seeking Alpha

Provides transcripts of public company conference calls and allows full-text search of the content.




Leading trend firm reviews emerging consumer trends occurring around the globe. Releases monthly briefings based on data collected by a global network of hundreds of individual spotters for accurate trend forecasting.



Free Patents Online

Provides advanced search capabilities of patent databases and allows downloading of patents applications and diagrams via PDF format.


free patents online


Allows searching for job openings and limited job trends reports. Queries may be saved and then new results can be automatically sent to you via RSS.

WayBack Machine

WayBack Machine allows you to view the changes made to a website over time. Its archive contains 150 billion webpages that date back to 1996. Helps identify trends and patterns evidenced by the evolution of your competitor's websites.


wayback machine

Hoovers - Free Edition

Free financial and background information on thousands of public and private companies. Also provides limited executive data and brief competitive landscape surveys.